Simple ways to get creative in your home

If you are desperate to make a change at home, but not sure where to start and almost on your way to the store to buy a new furniture piece or even possibly considering painting the walls, why not recycle pieces you might already have to satisfy the need to change things.

We put together 3 of our favorite sources of inspiration to kick start this new venture with you.

Design Direct created this creative cabinet made out of recycled drawers. We like it because it’s practical but fun, you can paint each drawer a different colour or pattern(or keep it monotone) and add whichever handles you want to it. It is also an ideal project to take on with members of the household.  For example, each family member can decorate their one “draw” to represent them.

Inhabitat -Design Direct Recycles 1,000 Discarded Drawers Into Colorful Cabinetry

The picture wall is something passed down by generations showcasing precious moments, precious people and precious places. We simply love it because it shows what we treasure and is a creative way of documenting our life to date.There are also no rules when it comes to adding the frames, however, it is a good idea to map out the layout of the frames on the floor before you start hitting nails into the wall. Another reason why we love the frame wall is because you can always change the picture or art in the frame. So, when you are no longer dating that guy, remove it and replace it with James Dean.

Shelterness – 50 Ideas To Decorate Walls With Pictures

Lastly we have alink to a selection of 30 creative bookshelves and although we are aware that some cannot be achieved by recycling pieces of furniture at home, it is still fun and inspirational for us to oggle them anyway. You never know what you might start creating when you apply your mind to it and have great sources of inspiration. We love the concepts because the shelves have been turned into multi-functional pieces of furniture.

freshome – 30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

Hopefully by now your mind is already ticking as to what you have stored away in the garage that could possibly be the next greatest creative feature in your home.

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