The Basic Guidelines for Creating an Effective Reception Area.

When a client first walks into your office the reaction is the same as if meeting you as a person for the first time.  The first impression lingers for a long, long time.


And what space do they walk into when first entering your company?  Hopefully it’s a reception area and not the heart of the open plan admin office as is the case at the Cape Film Commission offices.

The reception area is central to the portrayal of the image of your business. It thus becomes imperative to have proper design and proper furniture in the area that reflects your brand personality.



This does not mean flamboyant design or flamboyant furniture, it means the design/furniture represents the ideology of what you do or reflects the personality of your company as a whole.

The furniture you choose for your waiting room should ideally be exclusive such as high back leather chairs, rectangular or crescent desks or designer tub armchairs for visitors. Exclusive does not have to mean bank-breaking. Something as simple as contemporary furniture in striking colours can make the sort of first impression that sticks with the visitor for a longer span of time.

Stylish visitor chairs or a well designed settee add style to the reception area as well as provide comfortable seating for guests. The chairs can be accompanied by elegant hardwood tables with laminate insets to enhance the appeal of the area.

The right kind of furniture portrays accomplishment and professionalism which is especially important when you are a professional service business.


However, the proper and planned placement of the furniture is of as much significance as are the fabulous looks. Otherwise as a result of poor planning, for example, it might block the bright sunshine entering the area from large windows and several halogen lamps powered up to light the office may suggest environment duplicity. The furniture should also be designed to maximize light whilst minimizing the reflections on the screens.


Quality and informational reading material on the table top with a polite offer of tea or coffee further makes the client feel that they are valuable to you. You can keep company’s monthly newsletters or publications with articles about you and newspapers to impress your policies on your clients

Let’s not forget who is sitting at the desk.  The receptionist sitting behind the desk also is your first introduction to your clients and by offering him or her comfortable seating you can improve the image of your business. The impression of a well groomed and attentive receptionist sitting on comfortable leather upholstered, padded chair in an attractive and comfortable reception area is the first step towards cracking the deal with potential clients.

All of the above conveys the impression that you care for your clients.  Clients tend to trust a company whose reception area is well designed (not overdesigned), neat, well maintained and organized.

So invite some friends (or enemies) over to your company and ask them for their honest opinion about your reception area.  Or do you know the answer already?



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